About the Training


Concerns of Police Survivors is an organization that relies heavily on volunteers to meet its mission:  Rebuilding shattered lives of survivors and co-workers affected by line-of-duty deaths through partnerships with law enforcement and the community.  This two-day training is being provided to help every chapter be successful.  We will learn from each, and we will look for ways to improve.  We will also ensure that all chapters understand how important sound business practices are to the overall health of C.O.P.S.  With a full-time staff of 15, C.O.P.S. must still rely on its chapters to provide immediate support to surviving law enforcement families and ensure C.O.P.S.’ business is conducted in a professional manner at the grass roots level.  This two-day training is being provided to help chapters understand how their business practices reflect on the National organization and vice versa.


This session is designed for active chapter representatives and C.O.P.S. National Board Members.  ADULTS ONLY.  Every chapter is required to send one representative, although C.O.P.S. will cover the costs for two.  Survivors who are less than one year from their loss should not be attending since they can not serve on C.O.P.S.’ Chapter boards.  Your chapter may choose to send its “future chapter leaders” to this important training.


The Bureau of Justice Assistance has awarded C.O.P.S. a grant which covers the cost for two chapter representatives from each chapter to attend.  C.O.P.S. will reimburse airfare (up to $400), and pay meals and room costs for two representatives.  Additional representatives will be at the expense of the individual or the chapter (i.e., room, meals, travel.)  The first two Chapter representatives will need to purchase his/her own airline ticket.  Please book early to secure super-saver rates and, if your airline ticket is over $400, please call Laurie Putnam at the National Office for approval PRIOR to booking the flight.  After the completion of the training, you can submit your cost for the ticket to the National Office for reimbursement.  If you choose to drive, you will be reimbursed at the federal per diem rate for actual miles driven or the cost of what an airline ticket would have been, whichever is less.  All additional Chapter representatives, after the two representatives being covered by the grant, will need approval from Laurie of the National Office to attend the training.  Please obtain this approval PRIOR to scheduling any flights.  The National Office will try to accommodate these requests, but will require a $400 registration fee to cover some of the costs associated with this training.  The $400 fee will cover the lodging, meals and training costs.  Flight costs will be the responsibility of these additional participants.


If you are attending the C.O.P.S. Grand Opening and are the official representative(s) attending the training, C.O.P.S. will reimburse your flight to and from St. Louis as normal so you can attend the Grand Opening.  The arrival day for the Grand Opening is July 23 and the departure date will be July 29 from St. Louis.  Any travel outside these dates, needs pre-approved by Laurie Putnam.



Location of Training

St. Louis, Missouri

Official Arrival Day: July 26 by 4PM

Training July 27 & 28

Departure Day: July 29

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Physical:  846 Old South 5  --  Camdenton, MO 65020

Phone:  573-346-4911  --  Fax:  573-346-1414

(our 800 number has been discontinued)


C.O.P.S. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  C.O.P.S. programs and services are funded by grants and donations.

DISCLOSURE:  If you would like to help our organization by doing a fundraiser using our name, acronym, trademark or logo, or if you are with another organization and want to reference your support of C.O.P.S. in your organization’s materials, please keep the following in mind:  Our organization has developed a proprietary interest in its name, acronym, trademark, use of materials and logo, and all uses of same require our prior approval.  Please submit your proposals or requests in writing to our national office to the attention of:  Concerns of Police Survivors, Inc., P.O. Box 3199, Camdenton, MO 65020.  Any unauthorized use of our name, acronym, trademark, use of materials or logo can result in legal action.  Only our national office can give consent, so please receive permission first. Copyright © 1996 Concerns of Police Survivors, Inc.